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Veterans get blessing from Jackson church

Posted at 6:12 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 06:12:00-05

The members of the congregation wanted to be part of thanking our women and men that fight for our country.

So they did it the best way they knew how in church.

"This is something the government cannot do for them and so I thought what can we do for them and here we are," said Steve Brown, South Jackson Community Church pastor.

Vietnam War veteran Gordon Rudolph was recognized by the church on Monday. He said it's been a while since he's heard the armed forces get any praise.

"It's important to us because when we came home, we didn't have any parades or any welcome home parties. The Vietnam vets kind of stayed in the shadows for a long time. Now we are starting to come up and be more presentable to make people aware of what we did and why we did it. Because we're proud and if we had to do it again, we would," said Rudolph.

Rudolph had he'd never been part of a "blessing of the veterans" until Monday. He thinks it's something everyone who wears the uniform deserves.

"All vets are important, no matter what war, and we don't turn down any veterans. We will not leave another veteran. That's our motto; that's the national motto across the country," said Rudolph.

Vietnam vets were also honored with a 50th-anniversary commemorative pin.

Rudolph was able to do the pinning since he had previously been pinned by Congressman Tim Walberg.

"Feeling good about myself and important that we were appreciated for our service and what we did," said Rudolph.

The pastor said he'll do the blessing again next year and he's hoping to get even more veterans to show up.

Veterans Day was officially observed Monday because Nov. 11 fell on a Sunday this year.