Using "GoFundMe" to demolish a house

Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 18:59:13-04

If you check out the active campaigns on Go Fund Me you'll see people asking for help with everything from medical bills to honeymoons. And in one case, a woman is asking for help destroying a neighbor's house.

Kate Cosgrove has watched her neighbor's home fall apart since it was left vacant two years ago.

"The paint is peeling, the porch is collapsed, there's a broken window," said Cosgrove.

She also tells me the house become a popular spot for drug dealers. The city red tagged it but the crime has lingered.

"it used to be, at one time it was a really beautiful home," Cosgrove said. So it's kind of sad."

In order for the home to be un-tagged the owners would have to fix up all the issues the city has against it. But neighbors tell me they'd much rather see the home gone.

Cosgrove created a Go Fund Me account asking for money to bulldoze what she calls her neighbor's "Gross House."

"If you donate 100, you get free googles and let you take a swing at the smashing and it's whatever part of the house you wish to smash," Cosgrove said. "And for 50, I will mail you a chunk of the destroyed house."

She's asking for $22,000. $12,000 to buy it and $10,000 to demolish it.

"I just have always wanted to like be a part of a bulldozing, you know? But in a productive way," said Cosgrove.

Productive as in getting others in her neighborhood to take action.

"I think that there's a lot of homes in Old Town that I don't even know if they're salvageable and I think the people that have the money to salvage them are just not interested" Cosgrove said.