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UPDATED: Multiple roads closed due to flooding

Posted at 2:02 PM, Feb 22, 2018

Many mid-Michigan roads are under water from the recent heavy rainfall.

Northbound Aurelius at Jolly is closed due to large potholes.
Kalamazoo street between Marigold and Clippert is closed due to water completely over the roadway.
Northbound Pennsylvania at Baker is closed due to water over the roadway.

Drivers be aware that Kalamazoo Street, from Marigold Avenue to Clippert Street, is currently closed to traffic due to water over the road in East Lansing. Barricades are in place and drivers should seek alternate routes. 
Community members are reminded that they can report flooding on streets/roadways to the East Lansing Department of Public Works by calling (517) 337-9459.

Several Roads closed due to flooding:
1. Okemos Road Closed at Central Park and Gaylord C. Smith (flooding)
2. Hillcrest/Seminole (flooding)
3. Van Atta North bound lane (north of bridge at Harris Nature Center - flooding) 
4. Okemos Road North bound lane North of bridge (pothole with cones up) 
5. Okemos Road North bound lane in front of Delta Dental Large Pot hole with barrel blocking roadway (large pot hole)
6. Nakoma Closed at bridge (flooding) 
7. Huron Hill/Nakoma (flooding) 
8. Ottawa/Nakoma (flooding) 
9. Ottawa/Woodcraft (several houses on Ottawa North of Woodcraft cut off - flooding) 
10. 4751 Woodcraft just West of Ottawa last house open (flooding) 
11. Several houses on lower portion of Lagoon water closing in (flooding) 
12. House on end of Liverance water closing in. (flooding)
Harris Nature Center, Ferguson Park, Legg Park and Wonch Park are also closed due to flooding.

The following roads are closed until the water receeds:
Bauer from Taft to Dexter Trail 
Cutler from Wacousta to Forest Hill 
Pratt from Jones to Clintonia 
Howe from Chandler to Watson
Watson from Clise to Cutler
Bauer from Stone to Island 
Hyde from Bauer to Wacousta
Wright from Stone to Island 
Taft from Forest Hill to Wacousta
Gratiot (North County Line) Maple Ave from Harris to Ely Hwy
Forest Hill from Centerline to Taft
Watson from Hall to Colony
Faragher from Harmon to Birmingham
Centerline from Airport to Grove
For questions, call the Clinton County Sheriff's Office at 517-224-5200

Check link provided to see map of flooded roads.

As of 11:40 a.m. Feb. 22:
Grand River Ave. (M-43) is completely closed from Marsh Road west to Park Lake Road — also Okemos Road is closed from Hamilton Road north to Gaylord C. Smith due to flooding.

Linn Road between Meech and Dietz
Bell Oak Road between Shaftburg and Harris
Nakoma Dr. and Ottowa Dr. in Okemos
Toles Road Between Aurelius and Eifert 
Dennis Road between Dietz and Snedeker 
Meech Road between M-43 and Linn
Mccue Road Between Eifert and Gunn
Okemos Road Between Central park dr. and Haslett
Frost Road between Meridian and Berkley
Meridian Road between M-36 and Brown 
Olds Road between Meridain and Cooper
Harper Road between Okemos and Wolverine
Hillcrest Subdivision 
Meridian Road between Button and Jolly
Snedeker between Frost and Dennis
Curtice Road between Eifert and Aurelius 
Wallace and Huschke Roads Between Gramer and Grand River

Avoid the area of M-21 east of Muir at the Maple Ridge Bridge