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UPDATE: Waldo's Sandwich Shop Owner Responds to Customer's Allegations

Posted at 9:33 AM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 10:54:33-04

The owner of Waldo's sandwich shop released a statement regarding the woman who claimed that a mix-up sent her to the emergency room.

Reneysha Hairris claimed that she ordered a tuna melt sandwich but was mistakenly served chicken, which put her into anaphylactic shock

Clifton Slocum, the stores owner said the following in a statement sent to FOX 47.

"At Waldo’s, our goal is to serve sandwiches of the highest quality while also providing excellent customer service."

He continued.

"Waldo’s has the highest rating from the Ingham County Health Department. We maintain high ethical standards and our employees are conscientious and professional."

Slocum claims that the company offered Renaysha Harris an apology and refunded the cost of her sandwich.

"We understand that any health concern is a serious matter and would never assume to question a health professional when advised."

Slocum also said that he didn't receive any medical papers from Harris.
He ended the statement with:

"We ask our customers to stand with us as we weather this unjustified accusation. At Waldo’s, we will continue to be 100% transparent concerning this matter."