UPDATE: St. Johns police make two meth busts

Posted at 4:32 PM, Nov 18, 2015

A St. Johns teen is behind bars after being accused of breaking and entering as well as possession of methamphetamine.

The 17-year-old was arrested Friday after a break in at a St. Johns business. Police say he was carrying meth at the time of his arrest.

St. Johns Police Chief Kyle Knight says information from "concerned individuals" and "good police work" led to the teen's arrest.

Later Friday, officers searched an apartment in the 300 block of North Clinton Avenue for a possible meth lab. A statement from Chief Kyle Knight does not say what led them to the apartment.

They found methamphetamine and items used to make it.

A 30-year-old man living at the apartment was arrested.

Both the teen and the 30-year-old suspect are jailed in St. Johns.