UPDATE: Oil spill in Ingham Co. cleaned up

Posted: 2:14 PM, Jun 22, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-22 18:14:54Z

Emergency management and state environmental officials have cut and removed the damaged pipeline to caused a leak earlier this week.

The oil leak was discovered Wednesday, June 20, by first responders from the Ingham Township Fire Department.

The leak forced one lane of Williamston Road south of Curtis Road near Dansville to shut down for the investigation.

The Ingham County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have contained the leak and the total amount of oil spilled was not excessive.

In a report released on Friday, Youngs Environmental excavated an area around a pipeline belonging to Christian Oil, out of Allegan County, and found a hole in the natural gas pipeline.

The reports states that the hole was about 7” by 2” wide. The damaged pipeline was cut and removed, both ends of the pipe were capped.

Clean up is still ongoing including removing damaged soil, water, and debris in the Doane Creek. This is being handled by Youngs Environmental. DEQ will continue to monitor the cleanup.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials and local pipeline companies are working to determine the source of the spill.