UPDATE: House catches fire for THIRD time in 24 hours

Posted at 1:07 PM, Oct 31, 2017

FOX 47 News joined the Lansing Fire department at the scene of a house fire, a house that has caught on fire three times in the last day.

The house was again smoldering from the roof area. And is under investigation.

Monday night firefighters were called a second time to put out the fire at a house in Lansing's southwest side.

No one was hurt or inside the home that is now vacant. Fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused it to catch fire again.

It's the same house that burst into flames early Monday morning with 15 international students inside. The students rented the home off Airbnb and were in Mid-Michigan for a medical conference. Officers from the Lansing Police Department helped rescue them from the burning house.

All 15 were able to get out safely and have since returned back home to China. The fire gave crews fits because there is not a fire hydrant close to the house.

There's also no word on what caused the first fire on Monday morning.