Unwanted visitor at Jackson Interfaith Shelter

Posted at 11:14 PM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 08:22:00-04

It didn't happen in the woods or on a road; it happened right in the middle of a city.

Laura Stephens, who is an assistant manager at Jackson Interfaith Shelter, said she heard a crashing noise in the shelter's toy room. She was not prepared for what she found.

"Open the door to see a man and his wife running at me and behind them was a seven point buck," she said.

It started with the deer running down the sidewalk near the shelter. Tia Brady was sitting with her son when the deer crashed through the glass.

"I guess the window and the deer landed on me. At first I thought it was a very big dog. So it didn't really register that it was a deer until it hit the floor," she said.

Police say they aren't really used to getting calls like this in Jackson.

"I wouldn't say its common. I had to actually get pretty close and it was scared, going towards the door and I had to kind of slowly move it around," Sgt. Timothy Hibbard said.

Eventually, police were able to coax the buck out the door where it ran to freedom. Stephens was happy it brought a smile to people going through hard times at the shelter. People there are still buzzing about the incident today,

"We house up to 72, three, four, five people at a time in our building but we just aren't in a position to take animals at this time. So we're going to stick with the human population we've been working with," she joked.

Police say they got several calls about the deer as it made its way around town after getting out of the shelter. He's still alive as far as they know.

Between hunting season and mating season, this is the time of year when deer end up in strange places. But you shouldn't try to corral one yourself. Call police or animal control.