Unusual January weather causing more potholes on roads

Posted at 8:29 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 06:34:30-05

It's being called the worst possible scenario for our already crumbling roads in Michigan.

With temperatures dipping from below freezing to well above freezing in just a matter of days, potholes are forming much quicker than usual.

“We're used to pothole season in the springtime,” said Chad Gamble, Public Service Director for the City of Lansing. “What we're not used to is it being in the middle of winter.”

January's wacky winter weather is catching many off guard. Not just drivers noticing more potholes than normal but also many road departments across our state.

“These freeze and thaw cycles are the worst possible scenarios for the roads and it just forces us to put band aids on the roads as opposed to performing more long term capital improvements like resurfacing the entire road,” said Gamble.

During business hours, the City of Lansing has two to four crews on patrol, along with responding to your reports.

They aim for a 24 hour response time.

“Our efforts are concentrated at this particular time on the major streets,” said Gamble. “If there is a doozie of a pothole in your neighborhood, we could encourage you to call in as well.”

A and M Supreme Auto Repair in Lansing have yet to make pothole repairs on vehicles this year. They encourage if you hit one which possibly causes damage, to have it looked at sooner rather than later.

“When steering parts and suspension parts are wore out, that puts additional stress on other parts so it gets more costly that way," said mechanic Jacob Kilbourn.

While January’s weather remains unusual, take it easy out on the road.

“Slow down and give a little bit more distance between them and the car ahead of them so they can slow down if they happen to see a pothole to avoid damage to their car,” said Gamble.

Potholes can be reported to your city or county for repairs to the road.

Lansing residents can report potholes by using the "Lansing Connect" app for smartphones. The app allows you to also upload a picture or video.