Unidentified Body Parts Found in Grand River

Summer is coming to an end as residents of the Lansing area head to the parks for some vitamin-D. But it's a little hard to enjoy when there might be a dead body near by.

Unidentified body parts were found submerged in the Grand River at Columbia and Waverly road. The river runs through one of Ingham County's park.

"Residents like to come to the park to walk their dogs, ride their bikes, or even canoe with the family, but finding out there was a body part here...well here's what one resident had to say"

"Surprised honestly, I hadn't heard about that"

Scott is among many regulars who enjoy the outdoor recreation.

"Come out here a couple times a week, usually mountain biking, sometimes hiking"

The discovery happened Friday when several people were pulling debris from the water and found what appeared to be a human bone.

From there the Ingham County Sheriff Deputies responded and determined there might be more remains in the river.

The Capital Area Dive Team fished out a container of remains, they're not sure whether it's a man or woman or even how long they have been in the water.