TSA predicts record travel this Summer

Record numbers of passengers are expected to travel through airports this Summer.
According to the Transportation Security Administration, 2-hundred-43-million passengers and crew are projected to pass through screening checkpoints.

And the vast majority of those travelers are expected to travel between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Last Summer, the TSA screened 2-hundred-39-million passengers and crew during the same time.

On an average day, the TSA screens more than 2-million passengers, and during the busy Summer season expects to screen 2-point-6 million a day.

To handle the demands, the TSA has increased screening capabilities and staffing by more than 6-hundred officers since the beginning of the year.  They also anticipate adding another 1-thousand officers before peak Summer travel begins.

The TSA has some recommendations for helping to minimize wait times.  Always check your personal belongings and carry-ons for prohibited items before heading to the airport.  Pack your carry-on so that it's not too cluttered and can easily be screened.  And remember personal electronics are scanned separately.

The "MY TSA" app is also available to help you determine the best time arrive at the airport.