Trump supporters sound off on his Novi rally

Posted at 6:46 PM, Oct 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-01 18:46:02-04

Reggie Green waited more than an hour to see Donald Trump speak. It took so long, the presidential candidate started talking before Green got through the line.

"Worth the wait, worth the wait, we want Trump in there, we want a change," Green said. He hopes that change will bring jobs to Michigan.

"I'm glad he's really making a stand in Michigan because we really needs it," Green said. "He's going to create more jobs, just bringing all those jobs from overseas here than Hillary is ever going to do."

The rally drew thousands from around the state, but that didn't seem to surprise Trump's supporters. "Look at all these people, they're here for a reason, just like I am," Kevin Chlebek said.

"I'm a strong Trump supporter and our whole school was talking about it," Alexa Cohen said. She's talking about her high school, she is only 16. She and the classmate she came with weren't the only people too young to vote who went to the rally anyway.

"I just want to support him, see him in person, he's great, crazy, it's awesome," 16-year-old Baylor Hamilton said.

Some Michiganders say they saw the rally as a chance to spread love especially because this presidential race has at times been hateful. "He wants to ban Muslims like me, Muslim-Americans, so I don't think that's really cool, so I'm just here to show everybody that Muslims are people too and we love too and we're just here to give hugs," Hajer Sbehawi said.

Some of the people in the crowd were passionately against Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton, but, for the most part, the atmosphere was positive.

"We're excited for Trump and we're hoping the whole state of Michigan gets behind him," Green said.