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Township apologizes to Nassar survivor

Posted at 8:35 AM, Feb 02, 2018

14 years after Brianne Randall-Gay told Meridian Township police she was molested by Larry Nassar the department finally admits she was right.  The township publicly apologized to her Thursday after not filing charges against Nassar in 2004.

They told News 10 the Ingham County prosecutor and attorney general's office told them not to release the report because it could jeopardize the prosecution of Nassar.

After the Ingham County sentencing they were given the green light to release the report. MTPD said it was past time, and they owed it to Brianne.

"To you Brianne, we failed you," said Frank Walsh, Meridian Township manager. "We let you down."

"We had to give her a call, It was an apology that needed to be given," said David Hall, Meridian Township Chief of Police.

Brianne said she has waited 14 years for that call. When she answered the phone she, "immediately broke down" as they apologized. "I appreciate the sincerity by Frank Walsh and Chief Hall" said Brianne Randall-Gay, Nassar survivor.

But for almost 14 years Brianne told us she felt silenced. "When I reported my abuse to Meridian Township in 2004 I was disappointed that there were no charges filed. I felt like my complaint was ignored, I felt like I was ignored" said Brianne. 

The Meridian Township police department admitted Thursday to ignoring many factors in Brianne's case.  "One of the downfalls in the investigation was it should've been passed down to another expert," said Hall.

Like seeking another doctor's opinion. When Nassar was questioned he used a powerpoint to help claim his behavior was a legitimate medical treatment. That presentation convinced the detective on the case, Andrew McCready. "He was wrong and he was deceived. At that point in time, it should've immediately been taken down to the prosecutor's office and it wasn't," said Hall.

McCready is still on the force. Cheif Hall told FOX 47 McCready has called Brianne Randall-Gay to apologize but he was not at Thursday's event.