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Those women from Michigan featured in MS Magazine's top Feminists of 2020

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Posted at 10:58 AM, Jan 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-02 10:58:32-05

MICHIGAN — Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Nessel, and Secretary of State Benson were featured as some of MS Magazine's feminists of the year.

The article highlighted their efforts through the pandemic, the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, and touched on animosity aimed at "Those Women from Michigan" by the Trump Administration.

Attorney General Nessel poked fun at the recognition in a tweet asking if it was un-feminist to care about the picture being circulated recognizing the nod.

"I know I’m no model, but why does the SoS get the wind blown profile pic and I get the “hung-over un-showered night after inauguration” shot?"
Dana Nessel, Michigan's Attorney General

The women-centered publication listed 25 women making strides in several arenas, including public policy, equality, and media, and showed some posthumous recognition to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her decades on the US Supreme Court.