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Thieves target East Lansing neighborhood in recent home invasions

Posted at 7:27 AM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 07:45:11-04

The East Lansing Police Department is sending out a warning after a number of homes were broken into over the holiday weekend.

Officers from the ELPD say the home invasions are in connection with the population increase as a result of students returning to campus.

“Apparently there's 22 houses that got robbed on this street or something like that,” said Mitchell Montagnao, who lives on M.A.C. Street.

Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez says the student-populated neighborhoods were hit by the recent break-ins.

“Four guys tried to walk up our fire escape in the back,” Montagnao continued.

Williams Richmond, a student who also lives on M.A.C. told News 10's Cryss Walker that the thieves pushed his air conditioning unit out and forced their way into his home.

“They went in my closet, scavenge around for anything they could find, my headphones, laptop, charger, PS4, everything really,” Richmond said.

The ELPD told News 10 that no arrests have been made, but the department is building a case.

ELPD says the suspects have been identified.