The end of an era: Dansville Middle School closes after almost a century

Posted: 8:58 AM, May 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-29 09:33:27-04
Dansville closes doors to middle school
Dansville closes doors to middle school

Some were happy, others were emotional, but all who gathered Monday were thankful for times they had in the building they call "Brick and Ivy."

"There are still memories. Part of who I am today is because of the building here," Richard Rice, who graduated from Dansville in 1971 said.

Rice told FOX 47 he associates the almost 100 year old building, with good friends, good times and good memories, but thinks its time for a new era.

"Getting rid of a 100 year old building and putting up a modern building is not a bad thing, Rice said.

To commemorate the thousands of students that walked through the doors, the community was invited today to walk the halls of the middle school one last time. Superintendent Amy Hodgson said that it was an emotional day, but the building's memories will live on.

"The memories are more associated with the people. That was our intent today, to draw the people back together, and give them an opportunity to reminisce and share some of their memories," she said.

Although the community is sad to see such a historic building go, the community is content looking towards the future.

"Its a good idea, the way the world is going, everything is being upgraded and technology has changed. Education has changed and we have to roll with the times," Kristina Vernon, who graduated from Dansville said.

According to the superintendent, the current high school will become the middle school, with the new high school opening its doors this fall.