The AARP fights the GOP healthcare bill

Posted at 7:28 AM, Jul 11, 2017

The rain outside didn't stop activist and locals who oppose the American Health Care Act from meeting to express their concerns.

They say there are a couple of things they want supporters to think about. The activist are urging lawmakers to protect the health care coverage already in place saying it would be putting seniors and the disabled at a huge disadvantage if they decide to support the American Health Care Act.

They want congress to work together to fix the Affordable Care Act rather than replace it with something they believe will provide lesser coverage at a higher price, especially to people who need it the most like the elderly and disabled.

"Cuts will force cuts in services and care to those populations," RoAnne Chaney said.

However Republican congressman Tim Walberg said more than a 3rd of counties nationwide now have either one or zero companies offering coverage on the Obamacare exchanges.