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Teenager shot and killed in vehicle

Posted at 5:44 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 17:44:39-05

The shooting occurred on the 300 block of Union St. The victim, identified as Zachary Frey, was later driven to Buddy's Mini Mart on the 1600 block of Morrell St., where a bystander called 911.

This is the second shooting in the same amount of days in the Jackson Area. Both victims were in their teens, a trend that Jackson Police Director Elmer Hitt says isn't too uncommon.

"It is this age range that we are seeing--often the middle teens, 15,16 year olds up to the early 20s. That's what we've seen over the last several years in terms of demographics and age involved in a lot of our gun violence."

The shootings are a cause for concern, as they seem to be more common in the area as of late.

"It's not a secret that we have had gun violence throughout the summer and this fall, but a shooting anywhere is concerning to the police departments and the community," said Hitt.

And with the constant need for officers responding to and investigating the incidents, resources are wearing thin.

"They take a lot of time to investigate," said Hitt, "and we rely heavily on the public sometimes in gaining information related to these cases."

Despite the similarities and proximity between the two incidents, Director Hitt says that they're not related. He hopes that they have a suspect identified or any leads in the next few days.