Sturdy fence stops escape attempt

Posted at 8:50 AM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 10:21:23-04

It's a good thing the fences are sturdy at the Jackson County Jail on Chanter Road. Their structural integrity is the reason two inmates weren't able to escape last night. FOX 47's Marcus Dash talked to the Sheriff about it today.

Sheriff Steve Rand was shocked when he heard how close the inmates got to breaking out of the jail. The attempt started when they threatened the driver of a food service van and took her keys. It ended in between the two perimeter fences.

"We have had a couple escape attempts, but nothing this dramatic," said Sheriff Steve Rand.

After taking the keys from the driver the two men hopped in the van and blasted through the first fence. That's as far as they got, because the van was way too damaged to make it through the second fence. Deputies were on them quickly.

"They were apprehended with the use of the taser and some pepper spray, but nobody was injured, and we are thankful for that neither the inmates nor the workers," said Sheriff Rand.

The Chanter Road facility where the two men tried to escape from is a minimum security jail. 
After this stunt the two would-be escapees will have more eyes on them.

"Downtown is where we would typically hold more of our high risk inmates and obviously now they'll be downtown for the forseeable future," said Sheriff Rand.

The next step is to make sure something like this never happens again.

"We are reviewing to make sure that there weren't policy or procedures or things that could have been done to mitigate this type of incidicent. Obviosuly moving forward, we're going to ensure that those things are in place," said Sheriff Rand.

The fences have been fixed with the help of the State Department of Corrections. The Sheriff's office is looking for ways to make them even sturdier.

The inmates will be charged with trying to escape and stealing the van. They could also be charged with threatening the driver. Their names won't be released until they've been arraigned.