Students say no to bullying

Posted at 7:13 AM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 07:19:07-04

Students in Mason on Wednesday took a stand against bullying.

The kids at Aleidon Elementary School celebrated Unity Day by wearing orange t-shirts, handing out stickers, and giving each other compliment cards.

Staff members say practicing saying nice things gives students the tools they need to build friendships.

Barb Hagan, a social worker at the school said, "Sometimes it's hard to think of the words you need to use when you're making a new friend." 
She added, "This is just kind of a non-defensive way of saying, I really like you and I want to tell you that you're special."

Nationwide about 1 in 5 students report getting bullied and October is National Bullying Prevention Month.