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Stockbridge schools still investigating threat

Posted at 4:43 PM, Feb 14, 2018

Stockbridge Community Schools were closed Wednesday after receiving a threat of violence at the Junior / Senior high.

They posted to their Facebook page Tuesday indicating that the threat was being reviewed and investigated by police.

Stockbridge posted an update Wednesday saying that they're still investigating the threat. They did release a little more information. They said that there was a series of messages that were intercepted by their technology department.

Wednesday Statement:

"We continue to investigate the threat at Stockbridge Junior/Senior high. There was a series of inappropriate messages intercepted by our technology department. The last message received was from yesterday afternoon that included threatening language that discussed violence directed towards the school.

With the help of our law enforcement, we walked through and inspected the entire Junior/Senior High School earlier this morning. We have found no evidence to indicate that the threat was actionable, and no further messages have been received by our technology department.

We are continuing to partner with law enforcement to pursue any leads that may help us identify who is responsible for the messages. A decision to hold school on Thursday, February 15th will be decided later this evening after further consultation with authorities regarding the investigation.

Additionally, all athletic events, extracurricular activities and community education activities are canceled for this evening."

Tuesday statement available below:

"Our technology department received information regarding a threat of violence at the Junior/Senior High.

The information has been reviewed by police and is currently being investigated.

Out of precaution and time needed to investigate Stockbridge Community Schools will be closed on Wednesday February 14th. An update message will be sent out on Wednesday afternoon."