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Stockbridge school threat over; school open on Friday

Posted at 12:53 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 12:53:05-05

Stockbridge Police have identified the threat that closed down the junior/senior high school for two days.

School officials discovered a threat of gun violence on Tuesday, February 13.

What was discovered was a post on the schools internal network. Stockbridge uses Chrome books on a specified network at the schools.

Over the last two days investigations were held by the Stockbridge Police with the IT team at Stockbridge High School, Verizon, and the Ingham Intermediate School District IT.

The police were able to identify a person of interest who was interviewed late on Wednesday night. That lead to another suspect who was interviewed early in the morning on Thursday. Due to the late hour, they closed school for a second day to be safe.

The suspect admitted to posting the threat. He has been identified as 14 years-old. The first person of interest interviewed witnessed the suspect making the threat.

The boy is in custody of his parents with formal charges pending.

The police do not believe that anyone else was involved.

Stockbridge School officials posted a message on their Facebook page about the incident. They wrote that the students will not be on school district property and are suspended from school.

They wrote that school will resume all activities on Thursday night and will be open on Friday, February 16.

(You can see the message from the school included in this article.)