Stock market struggle concerns investors

Posted at 8:38 AM, Jan 08, 2016

It's not the kind of conversation Susan De Rosa expected to have at lunch.

"I've been fortunate or unfortunate to live through a lot of fluctuations in the stock market," said De Rosa who has a 401k.

She's been keeping a close eye on the stock market this week.

"Whenever you see a big dive, 259 points yesterday, sure there's a cause for concern," said De Rosa.

A concern on the minds of a lot of people, especially with a 401k on the line.

"It's huge because it's half of what I've saved for retirement," said De Rosa.

Financial Planner Ted Feight has been tracking these numbers for years.

"When you look at what's going on in the last three days, it's scary," said Feight with Creative Financial Design. "But if you look at it over the last 40 years, it really doesn't matter. What matters is you're invested."

He says now is not the time for people with a 401k to start moving things around.

"Because when they're putting their money away like that, if the market's down then they're getting something at a really cheap price," explained Feight. "It's really inexpensive for them to get it right now. If the market's up, they should just smile because then they're worth more money."

Even if this year's stock market doesn't look so good.

"85 percent of the year will go as the first five trading days," said Feight. "Which pretty much says the year's gonna be a down year."

He recommends taking a look at investments in the Spring.

"It's a great buying opportunity right for the next, we'll say four months," predicted Feight."

But for people close to retirement, Feight recommends getting a financial advisor to help figure out where to invest their money. He says to find someone who you can trust even 30 years after retirement.