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State of Emergency in Lansing Thursday

Posted at 2:14 PM, Feb 22, 2018

The clock is ticking for hundreds of homes and businesses to evacuate in the area because of flooding.

Several areas and neighborhoods in Lansing and Lansing Township have been asked to leave their homes by noon Thursday.

FOX 47 was live Thursday morning in the Sycamore Park neighborhood in Lansing.

Things were calm at that time however, that could change quickly over the next few hours according to officials.

Pennsylvania Ave. near Potter Park Zoo is currently one of the hardest hit areas by flooding and parts of the road have been temporarily closed down.

Over 200 homes and 20 businesses are in evacuation neighborhoods. (See the complete list below.)

FOX 47 wants to remind residents that Mayor Schor's recommendation to evacuate is voluntary.

However, Chief of Lansing Police, Mike Yankowski, says he cannot stress enough that this water is not something to mess with.

"As the water rises, there's a lot of people that'll be curious to look or maybe get close to the edge of the water. Again I cannot stress this enough, the currents of the water, the power of the water can sweep away a young kid. People can drown in two feet of water very easily," says Yankowski.

The local American Red Cross is opening a shelter in Lansing Thursday at noon for displaced residents. The Shelter is located at the Letts Community Center at 1220 W. Kalamazoo Street.

The city says it's prepared to open more shelters if necessary.