Special prosecutor clears 3 Lansing police officers in Christmas Eve shooting

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 07:30:26-04

Three Lansing police officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing in a shooting that happened on Christmas Eve 2015.

Calhoun County prosecutor David Gilbert, appointed to make a decision on criminal charges, said Monday the shooting of Terrozza Griffin was justified. The report is based on a Michigan State Police review of the case.

It says officers had a right to defend themselves after Griffin fired at them. Sgt. Kevin Schlagel and officers Walter Kim and Ryan Hackenberg were returned to full duty Monday. They'd been on administrative duty since the night of the shooting.

The shooting happened just before 8 pm on December 24. Police were called to the 5900 block of Selfridge Boulevard in south Lansing for a report of a home invasion. Investigators say Griffin refused to come out of the house, claimed he had a woman inside with him and then set the house on fire.

They he then fired at officers who tried to go in and rescue the woman. Police backed off and say Griffin then came outside and fired his gun again. The three officers then shot him with rifles. Griffin was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Lansing Police Department Chief Mike Yankowski called the incident "unfortunate" but said he's glad the officers' actions were justified. The department's internal investigation was suspended while the criminal investigation was underway.

Chief Yankowski says the internal review has resumed.