Spartan Stadium getting permanent lights

Posted at 8:59 AM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 08:59:47-04

Things could be a little brighter for Spartans' 2017 football season.

"I think like seeing around 2 or 3 night games would probably be pretty cool" said Justin Puccio.

Michigan State University student, Justin Puccio, says he wishes Spartans had more night games because the environment is like no other.

"I just feel like more people are kind of pumped up and excited," Puccio said. "Like an 8 PM game versus a noon game."

Often the TV networks provide the lights because MSU is one of 3 BIG 10 schools not to have permanent lights but that won't be happening any more.

"The new contract for the Big 10 requires that you provide your own lights. It was done that way because 10 of the 14 institutions have lights" said MSU President, Lou Anna K. Simon.

Wednesday, the Board of Trustee voted to follow other BIG 10 schools and install permanent lights at a cost of up to $2.5 million.

"We think the new TV contract will pay for that. It does not come out of student fees" President Simon said. "So unlike other institutions who are making athletic decisions that affect the cost of students ours do not."

And she is making sure those lights are high efficient LEDs.

"We have to do things that are social responsible while we change things"said President Simon. "So we're using it as an opportunity to be more socially responsible and reduce our energy cost."

But President Simon is adamant that the new addition of lights does not necessarily mean, night games.

"It means we have to have lights by the TV contract and you need them for 3:30 games because the TV cameras and high definition" said President Simon.

Because even games with a daytime kickoff can end after sundown during November in Michigan.

The board will have to give final approval to the lights in the fall with hopes of starting installing them by December.