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Spartan Band Makes Trip to Redbox Bowl

Posted at 9:43 AM, Dec 31, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif — The Redbox bowl is Monday where the Michigan State Spartans will take on the Oregon Ducks.

Fans were in San Francisco Sunday getting in spirit at the pep rally.

"San Francisco, from East Lansing, isn't the easiest place to get to,but we've got a great contingency out here in the west coast, great turnout and everyone's excited to see the game." Said MSU Athletic Director Bill Beekman

Any questions about the turnout of Michigan State fans for the Redbox bowl were answered, as the spartan faithful showed up in droves.

Ahead of the Redbox bowl, fans from all over the country came to the Embarcadero to show their support.

Thanks to the spartan marching band, the support for Michigan State was overwhelming.

"It's spartan nation, especially the parents, the alumni around the country and the football parents are great, but band parents are fanatical. we follow them and travel, follow our team, follow our kids, wherever they go, that's where we'll be" Said MSU Drumline parent Steve Kokotovich

"Nothing gets you hyped up like cheering for the old green and white" Said Tuba Player Christian Gabler