Snyder OKs budget bill, says abortion wording unenforceable

Posted at 8:25 AM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 09:07:55-04

Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a $39.9 billion general spending bill while declaring unenforceable a restriction on family planning aid for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers that was inserted by the Republican-led Legislature.

The Republican governor signed the measure Thursday on the steps of the Capitol in Lansing -- his eighth and final budget. He will sign an education budget next week.

Public funds already cannot be used to provide abortions or related services.

Lawmakers inserted a provision prohibiting the state from contracting for family planning and pregnancy prevention services with an entity that does abortions, if another entity that does not perform abortions applies to provide the family planning services. Snyder says the language is unenforceable because it tries to change an existing law through the budget bill.