Snowy Sunday across Michigan

Posted at 8:23 AM, Jan 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 08:23:13-05

As the temperature and snow falls everyone is enjoying the winter wonderland in there own way. Some are out playing in the snow.

John Allward used the fresh snow as a way to go enjoy the day with his kids, "get out here and sled, have a good time. Enjoy some hot cocoa. Good friends and fun and that's what it's all about."

Others used the fall of snow as a reminder to clear their sidewalks of snow and possible ice.

"When we came out, we thought maybe it might have let up but then I came out and started and it's snowing now again hopefully it will sort of end I guess that. So I don't have to shovel twice." said Jonathan Weaver.

Weaver enjoys the snow but in his South Lansing neighborhood, when there's snow there is also ice. "On Washington they plow it very well but on our side streets here they don't at all" Weaver said. "We always have to make sure that we're driving carefully and that the ice that our tires will spin out."

Many drivers say they aren't worried about the snow but it's the ice they can't see that worries them.

"The main roads are clear, the side roads like how I got here, my side roads, cause I live in the neighborhood kind of far. When I was coming out it takes forever to get out of the side roads because they are so icy." said Logan Winn.

Since major roads see more traffic, they are first priority. Then crews will clear side streets. Lansing says they're trying to get to everyone.

"We will be moving into hills and stops which are deploying vehicles in all our 31 residential routes to place chloride sand and salt on the hills and stops within each neighborhood" said Chad Gamble, Lansing Director of Public Service.

But until those streets can get plowed, Gamble says be safe.

"As you transition from a major street, you know a big street around time, into your neighborhood street please use extra care and caution and stopping. And driving through there" Gamble said.

Lansing public service crews will be watching the roads throughout the night and will have trucks ready if we get more snow.