Slopes Finally Open At Mount Brighton

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jan 03, 2016

While most people wish the snow and ice sticking around would melt away. People in Brighton are asking for more snow.

Mount Brighton usually has the lifts up by Thanksgiving but the warm weather has made them delay their open. Until this weekend.

"It was too warm" said Taylor Ogilvie, Mt. Brighton Ski General Manager. "Everyone is really amped up to go skiing and snowboarding. And this year it's been a longer wait than most."

Since there hasn't been enough snow fall to cover the entire ski resort. The resort has been making their own for the past few days.

"We're making snow every night. Through the day yesterday. And you know got people out skiing" Ogilvie said.

While making their own snow is easier for the people at Mt. Brighton, but nothing can beat the real thing.

"I think I'd prefer if it just feel from the sky all the time. It would be easier certainly but we don't mind making snow and actually. We can control the consistency of the product " said Ogilvie.

Real or not for many skiers they were just happy the wait is over.

"It's kind of been a bummer just because we haven't been out here. The first time and it's January that we're actually out here." Margaret Hamilton said. "I'm so glad that it's finally open that they're able to make enough snow to be able to ski."

For weeks Sabrina Livermore and her husband had to try and keep their three kids busy indoors.

"It was not a lot of fresh air, there was not a lot of winter sports. Tried to get them outside as much as possible" said Livermore.

With Mt. Brighton Ski open, the family was able to spend the entire day outside hitting the slopes and teaching the little ones.

"My husband and I are skiers and we're starting to get our kids into it. This is our second year skiing as a family." Livermore said. "Our kids are real anxious to get out on their skis."

They no longer have to wait to go down the slopes.