Signs of lyme disease

(WSYM) - We've already warned you this spring about the spread of ticks that carry lyme disease.

Today we're looking at the warning signs of the disease itself.

Jay Brogelman says when he first received his lyme disease diagnosis eight years ago, he didn't see it coming. "It started with body aches and fatigue then I started to get more low-grade temps, low grade fevers, just very tired."

Jay currently works as an occupational therapy assistant and rehab program director. He says he couldn't really tolerate his daily activities and finally decided to see a doctor.

Jay says while his experience with lyme disease was a difficult one, he considers himself lucky and he credits that luck to an early diagnosis. "I was relieved once I got the diagnosis after the blood work was returned from the clinic and they put me on a course of antibiotics and were able to treat it."

Working in health care is the reason Jason says he knew not to ignore his symptoms. He didn't initially experience many of the commonly known signs of lyme disease. "I never saw a tick, I didn't have the bullseye."

He says that's why it's important to listen to your body and see a doctor immediately when you don't feel well. "Lyme disease is one of those things where the longer you wait, it can be more difficult to treat if not diagnosed properly."

Ticks hang out in wooded areas, and in tall grass. It's important to do a full-body tick check after being in an environment like that.

Any clothes you wore should be washed and dried in high heat.