Showing gratitude by giving new roof to Jackson veteran

Posted at 7:28 AM, Jul 26, 2017

A contracting foundation is donating roofing materials and labor to build roofs for military veterans throughout the nation.

This effort is to show gratitude to veterans who served the country. Richard Zaski of Jackson is one of the veterans selected to get a new roof.

Zaski is about to lose his homeowners insurance because of a roof he can't afford to fix.

"My insurance company threatened me. If I didn't get a new roof, they would not insure me, and I thought 'You'll never get my insurance company again.' To talk to somebody like that, ain't that something?," he said.

He was surprised because not only is he a veteran, but a senior citizen.
The veteran turned to the government for help.

Habitat For Humanity and Neighborhood Roofing said no way were they going to let him live like this. Through the nationwide Roof Development Program under Owens Corning Foundation, they were able to get materials to give him a new roof.

The construction coordinator for Greater Jackson Habitat For Humanity said they are all about helping veterans, and added this expression of gratitude doesn't compare to the service of Zaski.

"They served our country. They're just incredible people, and we need to give back and they gave us so much of their time," David Behnke said.