Shipping mishap puts free bread on the table

Posted at 8:08 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 07:54:31-04

 People who toss their trash at Lansing's Recycling Center ended up taking some leftovers home.

"I drove in and they say 'hey we're giving away bread."' Kevin Lerch said. "So now i'm dumping the trash we cleaned out a house but got some free bread out of it. It's cool."

The center had thousands of loaves of bread because of a mishap with a trucker and grocery store.

"A trucking company that called us they ended up getting turned away because it was a rejected load and didn't meet the temperature requirement" said Matthew Nelly with Lansing Recycling Center.

Instead of tossing the bread out like the truckers were originally going to do.

The center decided to give it out for free, "all the bread was still frozen, it was still really cold," Nelly said. "We were like we don't want to just throw this in the dump."

With hundreds of boxes of bread the owner posted on Facebook about giving them out for free.

Within an hour that post was shared more than 800 times.

"I just thought it was a good way of helping the community and maybe feed some people that are hungry or in need," said owner Scott O'Berry.

The center stored over 20 6 foot tall crates. In each box there is about 10 loaves of bread, meaning thousands of bread given out to the community.

"Wonderful that they did this because it does help a lot of families in Lansing," said Terry Higelmire with Greater Lansing's Friends in Need. "There's a lot of families in Lansing that needs help."

Lansing's Friends in Need, is a group that helps the homeless community in the Lansing area. So when Higelmire found out they were giving bread away, she made she filled her car.

"More the merrier, if it helps families. I'm all for it," Higelmire said. "It's gonna feed their children and it's going to take a little relief off of them."