Clearing the school prior to notifying the parents was best plan of action

Ingham Co. Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth released information on Tuesday afternoon about the alleged bomb threat at Holt High School from earlier that day.

Wriggelsworth said that just before 9 a.m. the Delhi Division of the Sheriff's office was informed of the threat, which was written into the grout on the wall in a girl's bathroom inside of the school.

Two threats of bombing the school were actually written in the grout of a cement block. The first, was discovered by a student on Monday - it stated, "I will bomb this school at 8:45 Monday - God." This wasn't reported to any school officials until Tuesday when the same student noticed another threat near the first.

The second threat read, "I will bomb the school at 11:06 Tuesday the 13th-Jesus."

Holt High School was locked down because of this threat with all students sheltered in rooms.

Law enforcement and explosive detection dogs responded to the school and assessed there was no bomb at 11:50 a.m.

Wriggelsworth said this in his statement about not informing the parents of Holt High School students during the threat, "In these instances, both law enforcement and the schools coordinate the best scenario for the safety of the students and the public. Taking into consideration the threat and circumstances surrounding it. In this case, although frustrating to the parents and our students, the best plan of action was clearing the school with the K-9 units prior to notifying both the students and the parents of the circumstances surrounding the threat."

The threat remains under investigation.