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Shelter to open in Lansing for flood victims

Posted at 2:38 PM, Feb 21, 2018

According to the Red Cross, there are shelters, supplies, and volunteers on standby in Clinton and Ingham Counties for victims of flooding in the area.

A shelter will be open at noon on Thursday at the Lett's Community Center on Kalamazoo St.

The Red Cross says this could change if there is no longer a need.

They also said that the City of Lansing informed them that up to 300 homes could be evacuated in the city on Thursday.

If you live near rivers / streams pay attention to the water levels.

Do NOT driver through standing or moving water across roads.

The City of Lansing is watching certain areas closely to check for major flooding. Those areas are:

Frandor – No structures flooded north of Michigan, 3-4 feet of flooding at Kalamazoo
between Clippert & Homer, shallow flooding on Michigan Ave
Urbandale – 1-5 feet south of Kalamazoo (depending on ground elevation), 1-3 feet
between Kalamazoo and Michigan, no flooding expected north of Michigan
Willard St – 3-4 feet of flooding, half dozen homes
Sycamore Park – Water will be close to homes, may affect a few homes
Baker – Half dozen homes may be affected, some are in the floodway
Potter Park – Some exhibits flooded, no dangerous animal exhibits impacted
South Street Complex – Shallow flooding
Confluence neighborhoods – a few dozen homes and businesses affected, streets flooded
Old Town – Flooding to first floors of businesses nearest the river, Cesar Chavez should
stay open
Knollwood Willow – Water close to homes
Tecumseh River area – Water over Tecumseh River Rd, some homes may be impacted