Several Mid-Michigan communities issue fireworks ban

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jul 01, 2016

After not receiving enough rain late Thursday night and into Friday, many Mid-Michigan communities have no choice but to ban the use of fireworks this holiday weekend.

Meridian, Delhi, Delta, Alaiedon, Watertown, and Eagle townships have all issued a fireworks ban. Grand Ledge has also been included as well.
The Meridian Township Fire Department held a press conference Friday morning asking the public to use common sense this holiday weekend.

"We want to protect residents homes, we want to protect life safety, those things are all as important," said Meridian Township Fire Chief Fred Cowper.
The last time a ban like this was issued was back in 2012 in Meridian Township.

"If someone is actively involved with their fireworks, were going to send a police officer of fire truck over and ask them to please put them away," said Cowper.
After discussing a possible ban with other communities, Lansing Fire officials will allow the public to light off fireworks in the city.

"A lot of our neighboring departments have put a ban on the fireworks because they have different conditions," said Mike Tobin, Chief of Emergency Management with the city of Lansing.
"They have more suburban and more rural in areas if their fire protection areas, with us being primary urban, we do have some open areas but not to the size and volume of our surrounding neighbors have," said Tobin.

While lighting off fireworks may be banned in some communities, the sales haven't taken a major hit.
"Business has been pretty steady," said Santiago Arcaute of Phantom Fireworks on Lansing's west side.

Although Phantom Fireworks has had a steady flow of customers, employees are urging customers to use extreme caution.
"Take safety precautions, have a water bucket nearby and always have an adult," said Arcaute. "I can't stress that enough, most accidents happen when an adult isn't paying attention."

Meridian Township Fire says citations may be issued if need be, which could lead to a fine as much as $75.
Meridian Township has postponed it's fireworks display set for Money. Another date has not yet been set.

If your area is still allowing fireworks this weekend, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind while handling them.
- Read and follow all warning labels
- Make sure you're in a clear area
- Keep a bucket or hose nearby
- Light your fireworks one at a time, never re-light a firework that didn't ignite
- Never let children light fireworks

Along with a fireworks ban, many fire departments are enforcing burning bans as well which will last until we see our next significant rainfall.