Search continues for missing Michigan teacher, neighbors say husband threatened her

Posted at 8:13 AM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 08:13:51-04

New video and audio tapes are released that could provide clues in the disappearance of a teacher from West Michigan. Theresa Lockhart has been missing since May 18th.

Police say she was last seen by her husband Christopher Lockhart. Police have named him a person of interest in the case. Neighbors say fights between the couple were so disturbing they began recording them.

In the first clip provided by a neighbor, gun shots can be heard. The recording was made on May 27th at 11:30 a.m. Portage police arrive to question Lockhart about the gunshots.

Portage Police: “Hey Chris can we talk to you?”

Portage Police: “We got a call around 11:30 this morning, neighbors saying they heard a couple of gunshots.”

Christopher Lockhart: “They didn't come from here (inaudible)”

Portage Police: “You heard it, too?”

Christopher Lockhart: “Yeah, I did hear it.”

Shortly after police asked Lockhart about those gunshots, investigators leave, and Lockhart does, as well.

In 2016, Christopher Lockhart was charged with domestic assault against his wife Theresa and ordered to have no contact with her, although later Theresa had the no-contact order removed.
Neighbors said Lockhart would frequently yell at Theresa, and provided a clip, which they say shows some of the yelling from last summer. The couple lives in a suburban Portage neighborhood, and neighbors say the voice on the audio clip is Christopher Lockhart ranting at his wife.

Theresa Lockhart was last seen on May 18th, working out at a local gym around 5 p.m. She made a social media post at 8 p.m. Her husband says she left their home that night around 10 p.m. The high school Spanish teacher wasn't reported missing until two days later on May 20th by Schoolcraft Community Schools where she is employed, not her husband. The district made the report when Lockhart did not show up to work.

Christopher Lockhart told a Grand Rapids media outlet, he is not involved in his wife's disappearance. Police say he is not cooperating and has refused to allow them to search the home.

Police do not know where Theresa Lockhart is or if she is even alive. Her car was found several miles from her home. Police have said they consider this case to be a possible homicide investigation.

Portage police urge anyone who might have information about Lockhart's whereabouts to call Portage police (269)-329-4567.