Schools work to keep students cool without A/C

Posted: 7:03 PM, Sep 06, 2016
Updated: 2016-09-07 07:25:52-04
Schools work to keep students cool without A/C
Schools work to keep students cool without A/C

Miss Kyes' classroom at Lockwood Elementary in Eaton Rapids has not just one fan, "we have the second one over there on the wall. There's three over here on the wall," said Ann-Marie Kyes, as she was counting the number of fans in her classroom.

She has five fans spread throughout the classroom.

"I had to borrow one from somebody else and then I had the other two," Kyes said.

With the temperatures inside the second grade classroom at 86 and no air conditioning. Kyes said she has to adjust her students schedule to make sure they're keeping cool.

"Usually after different activities we do a movement activity on the carpet just to get the kids up and their mind going again but not now," Kyes said. "We don't do that as much because their too hot and tired to move."

She's not alone. In Eaton Rapids, out of the 6 schools in the district there's just one with central air conditioning.

"We don't really have air conditioning in the buildings and once the day starts the air doesn't move that well in the building even with the windows open," said Superintendent Bill DeFrance. "We want to make it as comfortable as we can."

Until temperatures cool down and are more comfortable the teachers dress code aren't as restricted.

"We encourage the staff to dress professionally but as casual as they could for the weather," DeFrance said.

With the sun out and the kids wanting to play. P.E. teacher Robyn Lease tells us she's limited the time outside and kept her eyes closely on the kids.

"I always make sure their hearts are not pounding too hard so they go like this," Lease says as she pats her chest.

"They take deep breathes," Lease said. "Making sure they are not breathing too hard and when they're feeling okay they give me the thumbs up."

Letting her know they're okay while dealing in the heat both outside and inside the classroom.