School districts asking for more money

Posted at 11:45 AM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 11:45:00-05

With a proposal on the line, districts are hoping voters make it to the polls.

Waverly Community Schools is asking for a sinking fund.

"We know we're gonna run into some problems very soon and we'd like to keep our buildings in the kind of shape that they are right now," said Superintendent Terry Urquhart.

He said they have problems like roof and parking repairs that he doesn't want to pay for with money that should stay in the classrooms.

"Sinking fund money can't be used for teachers salaries or administrator salaries," he said. "We'd much rather spend our general fund dollars on students, on materials, on instructional supplies to make sure that our academic growth continues."

Superintendent Urquhart said the average home in the District is worth $140,000. The millage would raise the owner's taxes by $70.25.

"There would be a lot of repairs and maintenance," he explained. "We've got some other areas like bathrooms, lockers in the locker rooms, even drinking fountains that are starting to wear out."

Holt Public Schools is not looking for a tax increase, just a renewal of a millage on apartment buildings, rental homes and commercial/industrial properties that would amount to $3.9 million over the next ten years for the District.

"The 3.9 rolls right into our operating budget, so it could be used for all kinds of things including curriculum, it could be for salaries, it could be repairs when needed," explained Superintendent, Dr. David Hornak.

He told us that if it's not passed, the money won't be replaced.

"I urge everyone to come out and vote," Dr. Hornak added.

The Charlotte Public School District is also asking voters to renew an existing millage. The half mill levy pays for the Aquatics and Recreation Center.