School associations believe possible school closings will cause negative effects in communities

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 18:16:49-04

 More voices are weighing in on the possibility hundreds of schools could be shut down in Michigan. Directors of the School Boards and School Administration Associations met today about what they think is going on and how it could affect communities.

Whether it actually happens or not the idea of possible school closings is starting to cause some negative affects.

"You can't stop parents from reacting to it," said Don Wotruba, executive director for Michigan Association of School Boards. "You can't stop kids from thinking what does it mean for me and how is it going to affect this year."

Students aren't the only ones thinking about next year.

Some parents are looking to leave some districts worried the halls will be empty come next fall.

"They've had school of choice applications that were kids coming into the district this year. When they heard about the possibility of closure those students in fact rescinded the school of choice applications," Wotruba said.

The fear is more than just about closings of buildings. If these schools do close parents will see that and then move their kids to another district and possibly move out of that city and if these parents move out of the city. Business owners will see that and then abandon the city also.

People start to abandon those neighborhoods or you may have a building that has been abandoned becomes blighted an eyesore or vandals may be going in," said Gilda Jacobs of Michigan League for Public Policy. "So there's a rippling affect to a community."

Even though the state has said there isn't a list of schools that will close the possibility is already making an impact.

"This anxiety now is going to rest with everyone of these districts and everyone of these buildings and everyone of these kids and parent through this whole school year," Wotruba said.

While they wait and see what happens to their school.