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Samsung releases new smart phones

Posted at 10:58 AM, Feb 26, 2018

The company Samsung has unveiled its newest smart phones, the Galaxy S8 and S9. The creator of the phones had a focus on camera upgrades.

Users can now use a dual-aperture lens which can capture better photos in low light and can take video in "super slow motion."

There is also a new future that allows Smart Assistant Bixby to be bilingual and has a real-time camera translation.

Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious says, "It has a makeup mode where you can apply make up, buy it. Or you can take a picture of an object and also be able to buy that through select retailers all through the camera."

Users can also create new augmented reality emojis to share with friends that are generated from a selfie.

The S9 will have a variety of unlock features that include iris scan and facial recognition. Samsung is also keeping their fingerprint sensor.

Kantra adds, "They've put it on the back just below the camera so it makes it quick and easy to be able to unlock."

The S9 is available in gray, blue, black, and new this year, lilac

"I would definitely get the lilac!" says Kantra.

Samsung hopes that will excite consumers enough to buy the S9 when it hits stores mid-March.