Jackson street construction update

Posted at 12:38 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 12:38:27-04

The city of Jackson has issued a news release regarding the latest information on construction affecting Jackson city streets. Here are the construction projects that will affect Jackson drivers.

Glick Highway between Blackstone and Glick

This project by Consumers Energy to modernize and relocate the electrical feed to the downtown area continues to progress. Earlier this week, the first of four 14’ long x 7.5’ wide x 8’ deep precast concrete manholes was installed on the north side of Glick Highway between Ingham and Jackson. Also completed in the past week was the installation of a new duct bank on the west side of the northern half of the block of Jackson Street between Pearl and Glick.
Next week, the primary task will be the installation of two precast concrete manholes on the northwest corner of Jackson Street and Glick Highway. The south lane of Glick Highway will remain open to traffic during this operation. The north two lanes will remain closed to provide a work zone. Jackson Street will remain open to two way traffic. This traffic control configuration is scheduled to remain in place for the remainder of the month.

Jackson Street Phone Duct Installation

Beginning Monday, May 16, 2016, a contractor working for AT&T will begin a project to install 175 feet of new underground phone duct and cables on the west side of Jackson Street from Pearl Street to the middle of the block between Pearl and Glick. Work will commence on the west side of the Pearl Street intersection on Monday. Work at this location will require the closure of Pearl on the west side of Jackson Street for approximately 3 days. During this period, Jackson Street will remain open to two-traffic as will the east leg of Pearl Street.
Once work at Pearl Street is complete and the intersection opened to traffic, work will proceed north to the middle of the block. All work on this project is scheduled to be completed by the end of May. Throughout the work period, Jackson Street will remain open to traffic.

West Avenue Construction between Ganson Street and North Street

The recent focus of work for this project by the Michigan Department of Transportation has been on sanitary sewer installation and water main testing. Over the past week, the water main was tested to ensure that the disinfection process was successful and the new pipe is safe to put into service. While waiting for test results, the contractor stayed productive by installing new sanitary sewer pipe.
Next week, the new water main will be connected to the City-wide water distribution system at each intersection within the work zone. The water service to each building within the work zone will also be connected to the new water main. This work will require planned water service disruptions to some water customers in the area. Advanced notice door hangers will be provided to each impacted building a minimum of 24 hours prior disruption.

Wisner Street Repaving between Argyle Street and Boardman Road

Over the past week, the intersection of Wisner Street at Monroe Street was closed to traffic and the pavement removed and replaced with new gravel base and asphalt. Work at this intersection included new sidewalk ramps on all four corners. The last ramps and pavement patching will be completed by the end of the day on Friday, May 13. The intersection will then be opened to traffic.
Next week, the section of Wisner Street between Boardman Road and the curve in the street at the Gordons Food Service building will be closed to traffic. The pavement within the closed section will be removed and replaced in the same manner as has already been completed at the Argyle and Monroe Street intersections. The closure is scheduled for implementation on Tuesday, May 17th and will remain in place through Saturday, May 21st. During the closure period, the businesses located within the Jackson West plaza (Lowes, Office Max, Petsmart, Michaels and Outback) will be accessible from the driveways on Boardman Road only. The driveways to these businesses on Wisner Street will be closed. The driveway from Wisner Street to Gordons Food Service will remain open for traffic throughout the construction period.

Traffic Signal Replacement at the Intersection of Ganson Street and Lansing Avenue

In the past week, the new traffic signal was activated and the top course of asphalt was paved. Pavement markings are scheduled to be completed on Friday, May 13th provided that weather allows. The pavement markings are waterborne paint or plastic with adhesive. Both types require the pavement to be completely dry to be applied. As soon as the pavement markings are completed, the barricades will be removed and the intersection opened to traffic.