Road funding situation is dire

Posted at 7:05 AM, Apr 05, 2017

Michigan's roads and bridges are going to keep getting worse even with the state's road funding plan in effect.

Lansing Fire Department's Assistant Chief Marc Tyler says the condition of local roads has an impact on patient care.

"When we pick up the patient, patient care is essential so if we are dodging potholes ... it significantly impacts patient care," Tyler said.

Despite the road funding package signed into law in 2015, a report from the transportation research group, TRIP, says there isn't enough money to fix everything.

A report out Tuesday lists nearly a half a billion dollars in projects in the Lansing area that can't be paid for right now.

It includes parts of I-96, I-69, U-S 127, I-94, M-99, and M-106 in Jackson county .

And that's not all.
Denise Donohue, Director of the County Road Association of Michigan, says 1 out of 8 bridges are structurally obsolete.

"We have bridges out there that are very old, " Donohue said.

The 1.2 billion dollar road funding package will help but counties are already trying to stretch their dollars.

"We now have all of our County Road Commissions and Road Departments looking at what new projects we can do," says Donohue.

And until the state finds a way to generate even more money for the roads, Donohue says she thanks drivers for their patience.