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Residents react to CSO Project

Posted at 8:45 AM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 08:45:20-04

 Lansing resident Linda Sherrod says she has been living on Smith Avenue for 35 years but she's never seen so much activity on her street.

“It's been quite noisy, quite dusty and my allergies have been like really kicking up but I'm really glad that they're doing this because we've had so many holes and stuff down this street”, Sherrod said.

Neighbors along the block agree.

“Other than the noise driving the dogs a little nuts, other than that's it been fine”, said Connie Beitz who also lives on Smith Avenue.

All the noise and commotion is a part of the city's Combined Sewer Overflow Project, to replace the single pipe system with a dual one to separate sewage and storm water.

“It will be nice when the roads are like fresh and there's no more potholes so I'm excited for that”, Kenia Perez told FOX 47.

For some, the excitement is starting to wear off for some.

“It's been kind of chaotic really, it's kind of hard to get your cars in and out of here”, said Mike Murphy.

Between all the dirt, trucks and road blocks, neighbors say the inconvenience isn't all bad.

“The workers have been really nice though, you ask them a questions And they'll answer, no problem”, Murphy continued.

The CSO Project will continue in the Mt. Hope and Martin Luther King Jr. area until September 2019.

The city has been working on the CSO Project since 1992.

The Public Service Department says it doesn't expect to complete the entire project for another 15 years.