Residents patiently wait for power to be restored

Posted at 6:48 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 18:48:59-05

 It's been two days since strong winds knocked out power to many Consumers Energy Customers in Mid-Michigan.

As crews are busy working to restore power, some customers will kick off their weekend in the dark.

The Vankampen’s sit at their home in Oneida Township after losing power Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully they have a generator which has got their backs.

“We've had one for several years and we're debating now about putting one in the backyard that starts every week and takes care of itself,” said Bob Vankampen, who has been without power since Wednesday afternoon.

Vankampen is also checking in on a few neighbor’s generator as well.

“My nephew lives right next door and so we've got a generator there,” said Vankampen. “The lady next door to that is an older lady and she’s not home right now but she had a small generator so we've got that sitting there running just strictly the sub pump because she’s got a real wet basement.”

Power hasn't been the only problem wind has brought. A tree was knocked down in Vankampen’s front yard, victim of Wednesday's strong winds.

Right up the street on East Saginaw Highway, a consistent "hum" of generator's running. It’s the only thing now keeping some homes warm.

“It would be much colder if it wasn't for little electric heaters,” said Craig Engelbrecht, who also lost power Wednesday afternoon. “It makes a huge difference.”

The past few days without electricity have been an adjustment. An adjustment that indicates how much we've come to take electricity for granted.

“We have a well out here for water you don't miss it until it don't work same way with electricity,” said Vankampen.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light now expects to have power fully restored by midnight Saturday night.

Consumers Energy says it could be 11:30 Sunday night for some of its customers.