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Residents of Bath pick up the pieces after Saturday's storms

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 10:07:36-04

The people of Bath today are trying to assess the damage and clean up after storms tore through their property on Saturday night.

They say the storm appeared suddenly.

"Just gusts of wind and the trees were swaying back an forth. It all happened so quickly," Lisa Boling said.

"By the time we got into the basement, stuff was banging up against the windows...I mean it sounded like a freight train," Mike Allen said.

The storm managed to do a lot in a little amount of time. Allen is already cleaning up the fallen trees and limbs in his yard. His chimney, no longer on his roof, but sitting in his front yard. Parts of his porch were destroyed.

"It was shocking to be involved in something like that. You just come outside and see total devastation of trees and your house....everything, just gone," he added.

Not too far down the road, another family hard at work. Fred Boling says that the wind tore off part of his roof and his deck, which was now laying in the woods some 50 yards away. In addition to more trees down.

I've never had bad damage like this. I saw some tsunami damage in Thailand but not in Michigan," he said.

Both families tell me that they are happy that it wasn't worse, and thanked their neighbors for their help with the cleanup.

"Mother Nature is Mother Nature. So, it would have been great to have some warning but we're just super happy. Our neighbors are incredible. That's what I want to say the most," Fred Boling said.

"At the end of the day, its property, its trees. They can be replaced, people can't. So we thank god for that," Allen said.

Neighbors told News 10 that they don't think anyone was hurt in the storms, so right now their main focus is cleaning up and moving forward.