Representative Mike Bishop meets with unhappy voters

For some people it was a lengthy drive, but they were determined to head to Stockbridge to talk to Representative Mike Bishop.

They all showed up with one agenda, to hear what he had to say about taxes and environmental issues. People there wanted money to go toward schools that are struggling versus the ones doing alright with what they have.

"That hadn't been raised in any of my groups in the past, so you just never know. There are some folks here with real concerns that want to talk about them. This is the kind of environment where they can do that,"Bishop said.
He said limiting the size of the crowd keeps it from being a shout fest.

Lisa Hamm came from Mason to sit in the town-hall, and she said the meeting went well, but had one suggestion.

"An hour to discuss issues that people are passionate about is not enough time."

Rep. Mike Bishop plans to have as many of these town- halls as he can.