Reaction from elderly couple dying in garage

Posted at 7:59 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 08:45:39-04

Lonnie and Leona Sibbett died Friday in their garage. Like a lot of people, they were using their generator, but they weren't using it properly. The neighbors tell me Lonnie, 75, and Leona,70, Sibbett were quiet and didn't come out much, but one neighbor got a bad feeling when they didn't appear for days.

"Something was wrong because their car was just sitting outside since Wednesday when the power went out, and that's not typical of the car just sitting there in the same spot,"Tenisha Marshall said.

Misuse of their generator has Tenisha and the other neighbors more alert.

"Generators are a tricky thing to use because of the carbon monoxide. You just have to be careful with them," she added.

The Deputy Chief, David Wooden, from Jackson Fire Department said it's best to keep your generator away from the home.

"The exhaust from the generators produce carbon monoxide as well as some other chemicals, but C.O is the most hazardous to us as human beings. We can't tolerate very high levels of it for very long, so that's why you always see some deaths related to carbon monoxide poisoning when we've had a significant outage like we've had recently," he said.