Race weekends are good for local businesses in Brooklyn

Posted at 9:12 AM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 09:12:46-04

Race fans aren't the only people excited about race weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

Business owners say they, too look forward to these weekends because they are good for the local economy.

"It's definitely an influx, we have to build our inventory up," Bradley Brown said.

Brown has been the manager at Yoder's in Brooklyn for the past seven years. He says that race weekends at Michigan International Speedway just down the road are one of the biggest weekends of the year when it comes to business.

"It's definitely a good thing, it definitely brings a lot of income. We actually look forward to these weekends. In a four-day time, or a five-day period, we probably have a 20 percent increase in sales," he said.

And Brown isn't wrong. Not too far away, owner of Harold's Family Dining, Harold Lyons says that over the past four decades, weekends like this are vital in the restaurant business too. Lyons says besides fans, others have been known to stop in when racing is happening at the track.

"Since we've been here so long, we get a lot of the pit crews and the driver's families will come in," Lyons said.

Lyons says the races used to be bigger than they have been recently, but that doesn't mean the weekends aren't still busy.

"Its all good for the area. The racing is good, Faster Horses, the other entertainment going on," he said.

Businesses say being near Michigan International Speedway definitely has its perks.

"As an impact on the economy? Definitely. I think every business around here looks forward to it," Brown added.

Sunday's race was the final race at MIS of the season.