Push to get traffic light at intersection

Posted: 11:29 AM, Jan 06, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-06 11:29:11-05

There is a push for a traffic light at a busy intersection in Delta Township.

Drivers say it takes too long to try to maneuver from Saginaw Highway and Broadbent Road - that's near Art Van Furniture and Menards.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has set up black boxes at the intersection to keep track of all the traffic at Saginaw and Broadbent. If certain conditions are met, a traffic signal may be set up.

Drivers are frustrated, saying it takes too long to try and make a left turn on Saginaw from Broadbent.

The township tells us residents have demanded another study into a possible traffic signal, ever since MDOT decided back in 2011 that a signal wasn't needed.

"It is almost impossible to you know make a left hand turn on to Saginaw," says Delta Township Supervisor Ken Fletcher, "so that causes residents to have to either go out of their way to either take a different route to avoid that intersection altogether, or it causes them to just sit there for a long period of time."

MDOT hopes to have the study complete by the end of April.